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Two for high-sticking! So, the right side of my face is feeling rather puffy, this morning, and that's because a careless fellow hockey player slashed me in the face.  Accompanied by the realisation that this must be my dumbest (in the sense that I shouldn't be doing it if I value my health) hobby, I've become used to the varying amount of pain that comes with playing hockey regularly.  I've bruised most of my body parts, already, and bled significantly from both my hand and my chin. 

Nevertheless, this particular incident was rather amusing.  Before getting hit, my play was lacklustre.  I was just missing "it".  But after shaking off the minor pain, I suddenly woke up.  I started out-skating, out-deking, and out-working (particularly on defence) everyone.  By the end, I'd scored two goals and denied plenty more.

Of course, by then, my middling play was too embarrassing to overcome, but it was quite a feeling to get whacked in the face, and not only shrug it off, but play better and more confidently than at any point in the game before.  I made good use of those two minutes.

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