Introducing the Images that Will Accompany Dan Carlin Stories

The two pictures you see below are to be henceforth attached to every Dan Carlin-related story.  I wanted to create a recognisable brand for covering Dan Carlin's work.  I'd like to thank Dan and Libby Lynn for allowing me to use the original image, a painting of Dan by Libby.  Robin from the Dan Carlin forum was also very accommodating to my intrusive requests, and I'm thankful for the assistance.

Libby turned out to be a great person, allowing me to use the image however I please (with the caveat that I credit it to her), and starting a chat about the most recent Hardcore History episode.  I can't recommend her website and blog enough, without this sounding like an ad; with less savoury characters abound, the good ones deserve all the love they can get.

This is the image for Common Sense, with a blue theme:

This is the image for Hardcore History, with a green theme:

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