On Version 11.0 of the Number Zero

Well, we're at that point again: I've fallen out of love with the current design of No. 0.  There isn't anything particularly wrong with Blogger's Dynamic Views, but the limitations mentioned after the last redesign have begun to annoy me.  I simply don't feel like this is truly my blog every time I visit it.  It's all prefigured gunk, with the thin veneer of my own design brandished from the rounded corners.

While I like how the Dynamic Views zip between posts and pages, that single element makes it not enough. 

Moving forward, I want to take the minimalism that came out of this last reiteration, and meld it with greater functionality.  I want to eliminate the elements that have become tropes of blogs.  These are the sidebars and headers that distract you and take you away from the content.   And the short lives of special articles that get pushed down by my short Photographer-slash-Tales pieces.

My goal for the home page will be to capture the whole of it within the screen, without you needing to scroll anywhere.  Here, I will use two sidebars to fit in all the information I need, but once you click a post, the first time you will see anything that isn't content will be at the bottom of the page.  It will be white-heavy, with special features on the left, the most recent post in the middle, and miscellanea on the right.

A work-in-progress version of this can be seen on The Artist's Game, that other blog of mine.  You can follow the development of the next design there, as I work out the kinks and figure out how to squeeze as much information as possible onto a single page while making it as uncluttered as possible, too.  This is quite a task, so at least the journey will be fun.  Comments and thoughts are welcome, of course, but we both know I ain't gonna be gettin' any.

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