Film: Awkward Hockey Players: Danny Brière and Alex Tanguay

It was mentioned on Mile High Hockey during training camp that Danny Brière was a bit of a loner on the team. Being a new member, he hadn't yet become familiar enough with his teammates to socialise on the level of, say, Marc-André Cliche, who is by various accounts quite popular in the dressing room. That isn't to imply anything about Brière, but merely point out his apparently quiet demeanour. So, while rewatching the Avs/Bruins game, I found this great moment on the bench. With everyone around him animatedly discussing a possible goal, Brière just sat there, dead still and silent. The length of that silence continued for 30 seconds, with Alex Tanguay joining his stoned pose midway through.

I love these little moments. So, of course I had to create a comedic narrative mocking it.

Below is the above scene without any of my additions. Enjoy that peace.

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