A Found Branch and its Leaves

A story about this stick with leaves growing out of it:

You may recall that I have some skill with plants.  I'm not particularly observant of it; neither do I pay any overwhelming amount of attention to the plants under my care (although, I do maintain a long-standing feud with those dirty, plant-killing vegetarians).  They just seem to thrive, for whatever reason, and I can't resist picking up reclamation projects for that purpose.

This branch belonged to one of the hedges you find running along the front of many English houses.  Someone had trimmed theirs, when I found it on the ground, lopped off with just a few leaves attached to it.  I don't know what compelled it, but my immediate next thought was to take it and stick it in the soil, next to one of my other plants.  Everyone told me I was a dumbass for thinking I could just put random branches in a pot and expect them to grow - and, really, I didn't; I'm just a hoarder - but, what do you know, it did.  Slowly, its few leaves extended into branches, themselves, that, in turn, bore their own leaves.

As always, life finds a way.

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