Pink Morning

One may think: why, oh why, would such a cold little bastard have such a pretty pink flower? By accident, that's how.

My mother gave it to me when it was a few branches and leaves of a failed experiment in indoor natural beauty. And out of sweet sheer luck, I seem to have grass green fingers when it comes to rejuvenating withered and near deceased plants. Yes, we may go so far as to say this heathen has a thing for nature.
Some months later, with lusciously green leaves, I noticed some pink buds. And there you go.
I had no idea it would flower, but it did.

This was taken when my schedule meant I slept in the morning at woke up at night. I think the exact time would be around the 6 a.m. mark.

You may also notice some orange little flowers on the right, and believe or not, I had no idea that plant had flowers either. In fact, my aunt (who cut it from her original) didn't know too, since her one has never flowered. Blooming weird, hey?

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