Final Thoughts on 2011 NHL Draft

Okay, I may not approve of the Avs' drafting strategy or wished for these particular players, but that doesn't mean I hate the new guys.  As Avs, they have, at the very least, my respect, and from this day forward, I will cheer for them and wish nothing but success.  (Wishing failure on someone, for what it's worth, is one of, if not the, most despicable things one can do.)  After all, if they're winning, we, as Avs fans, are winning, too.  It's a win-win!  So, welcome to the Avs, Gabriel Landeskog, Duncan Siemens, Joachim Nermark, Garrett Meurs, Gabriel Beaupre, Dillon Donnelly!

My only reservation (besides the individual ones) is this:

When Duchene was drafted, there was an audible buzz.  I don't know why, but you could just feel that something special was coming out of the '09 draft.  With Landeskog, I don't feel it.  In the end, I think drafting Duchene at #3 will present higher value to the Avs than drafting Landeskog at #2 will.  That's a shame, considering it's a higher pick, but what can you do?  That's the draft for ya.  Every year is different.

(Incidentally, a large complaint amongst Broncos "fans" looking for another reason to hate McDaniels was the perception and problem that he was drafting character and leadership over skill.  Something to think about.*

*Of course, ultimately, McDaniels will be proven right.)

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