Sun Masked by Clouds, One

Springtime is Holidays are over
Don't head for home
Creep up the ladder
And steal over stone read my blog on your phone

Yeah. Happy fun time is done-dunzo. Get back to work. Lose weight. Well, actually, I don't need to lose weight because of my eating habit, but that wouldn't fit my narrative, and why should the truth ruin a good narrative?  I mean, the Denver Post does it all the time and they're still pulling readers.  Heh.  That jab at the DP is going to be a new part of my 2011 resolution:  if it isn't fit for wiping your ass, don't use it for poisoning your mind.  And the Denver Post did an excellent job of making me lose faith in humanity and an entire organisation.  I need to start clawing my way out of the misanthropic hole, and it starts with taking the imbecilic ramblings of spoiled children for what they are.

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