Film: Dick Stole My Teddy Bear Because I Used The Word 'Avant-Garde' And Said She Was Confusing Irony With The Post-Modernist Unmyself

There's a fascinating, heartbreaking story behind this. Maybe I'll share it sometime. But then, what's more heartbreaking than watching a thug who gets paid to murder innocent people or a deluded idiot or a shell whose final hope in life is a pay-per-slaughter subscription at the local Killer Recruitment Center empty out another human being's (or living creature, for that matter, "Death to the fur-wearers!" I love foxes.) cranium for some imitation shark-leather wearing chawbacon's stupid cause (be it religion or racism or greed or whatever)? Well, maybe watching a sperm whale slowly die before your eyes, while you futilely try to save it. Or Arrested Development getting canceled. Which it was. And I've never been the same...

Au revoir.

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