Proof! I have at least one reader!

Well... I really wouldn't be surprised if the only person that read the posts in this here blog (or the artist's game) was me. The topics I cover are too diverse to find any specific market, those topics are barely covered, and I'm not quite the best blogger out there. If the fact that I neglect ol' zero for ages at a time hasn't sent any readers I had a runnin', the deficiency of content within those meager posts surely must have.

Nevertheless, while scanning previous posts for comments (lets just say I sense some vandals are close at hand), I found a simple reply to my least offensive and most-likely-to-appeal-to-everyone post: "The Arbitrary Inscription" (I must point out that it's an incredibly incomplete list, coming from a list I had on paper and have since discontinued, as such it should be double in size right now, but I can't remember those 50 extra films).

All it said was, "The Jacket was a really good movie..!" But the fact that someone replied brought a nice little smile to my face. Thanks!

And yes, The Jacket was a good film. Watching it after The Empire Strikes Back may have diminished its value somewhat (It's Star Wars, after all), but it was still very enjoyable to watch. Not a patch on Kubrick's greats, of course, but still underrated.

And while I'm on the subject of comments, I'll use this moment to thank Dan Fabulich for his comment after the Alter Ego review. To the uninitiated, Dan created that online version of the game. So it's quite an honour to have him not only read it, but reply too!

There you go. Proof that someone actually reads my nonsensical jibberjabber. Whether you understand it is another matter.

Hey! I is watching you... (points at your scrawny little nose)


  1. You mean CryLthr8?
    How about heyleatherface?

    = 2. ;)

  2. Yeah... I read your post on the forum. Thanks for reading! Or skimming...

  3. hi illogica!

    yeah boss not here!

    just dropping by. way back "religion" wars, someone said you burn pantheons in your blog posts so was sniffing. lol. don't want to discuss the basic abc's to guess who the guy was lol.

    count me in as one of your readers. take care!