Pineapple Under Long Exposure


I hope you enjoyed reading my interview with Danny. I had a tonne of fun conducting it, writing it, and creating the little bits of flair that made up the final article. My only regret is that it only appeared on No. 0 and nowhere else. I would have liked to see it appear on a site that was more dedicated to music, but things didn't go according to plan and I thought, "Screw it, I'm just going to do it myself." I'll be getting to the subject of doing stuff yourself in an article on maize mazes, but the point is that sometimes it's better to stop telling and just start doing. It's always harder, but at least you know where the work is going. I won't be discussing the interview particulars any further, though, because, frankly, it's worth neither your time nor mine. Life goes on, and I'm just glad the interviewee was awesome. Also, the fact that I got Danny Walker on No. 0 makes this blog awesome. If for a moment.

Furthermore, the redesign is nearing its completion. Everything is falling into place. Corners are being (metaphorically) rounded. Battles are being waged over pixels. All that remains are a few kinks and superficial changes.

I've been able to stay surprisingly close to my original vision. If you're using a large screen, you should be able to view the entire homepage without needing to scroll, and the post pages are, for better or worse, mostly uncluttered. On the left side of the homepage is the featured content, and on the right side, a glorified links list. And at the top of this post is a picture of a pineapple.

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