Monochrome Clouds

With the release of Quantal Quetzal nearly upon us, Canonical has been calling for users' wallpaper submissions.  There are many worthy entries, but at the time of my submission, I felt many, while good-looking, weren't adhering to Ubuntu's wallpaper ethos and contest organiser Iain Farrell's design requests.  Many were too busy, too cluttered, and, frankly, not evocative enough of the simple beauty with which people have begun to view Ubuntu.

So, I decided to throw my hat into the ring with this picture.  I have little faith that it will win.  There are hundreds of submissions, half - let alone ten - of which are more stunning than this one, but I'm still proud to stand by it.  It's powerful, brooding, a perfect complement to the Ambiance theme, and, most of all, it has no goram modifications!

The submission deadline is today, so we'll know which ten pictures will be appearing on Quantal soon.

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