Ladybird on Green Leaf

For those who care, you can now find me on Bandcamp.  There are only two albums on there, so far, Information Theory and THE WINDOW, but I'll have the other two up soon.  There is no real need for you to check it out, really, when you're perfectly satisfied with mp3s as your music files of choice, because I will continue to provide my albums for free in the mp3 format.  The reason for Bandcamp, then, is because I've decided to follow the model podcasters like Dan Carlin and Marc Maron use, which is to give you all the basic content for free, while layering bonuses that will interest those you want more.

Most people are happy with mp3s, and so will feel little need to purchase something they can receive for free, but if you want the songs in, say, FLAC, you will be able to purchase them in that format.  None of the albums will be expensive, and a very small minority (I estimate less than five people, maybe six, if I'm lucky) will actually want to pay for them, but it's something.  At least it will create the illusion that I'm not just some kid doing this on a whim, who has no idea what he's doing.  And that's the second and larger reason I'm doing this: to increase exposure.  (It came to my attention, recently, that some people - *cough*youknowwhoyouare*cough* - don't know that this is actually my music, so I need to do a better job of communicating that.)

And, finally, a refresher: I'm also on

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