Hilltop Road

It's been a while since I released Information Theory, my last album.  And after that brief burst of prolific activity, that "while" feels like an eternity.  But fear not, between writing and other abstractions, I am still working on new music.  The next release, titled An Incomplete Vision in the Projects page, was started in late-2010, and, while perhaps not receiving the same effort as some previous albums, certainly has taken up much more time.  In terms of detail, it will have more packed in than any previous one as well, by far, and putting it all together (remember those four words) in a way that makes sense is what's taking up most of my time.

It's a long road, but the journey, like every previous one, is unique enough that even with my preconceived ideas, I don't know exactly where it's headed.  Will the end will be worth the distance? At least we know it will be different.

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