Paths of a Botanical Garden (and Two Number Zero Updates)

Your eyes can't help but be drawn to this image.  I wasn't intending on posting it, but after looking at it for a minute, moving on, coming back to it, looking at it for another minute, moving on again, and just... feeling... that... itch... to return to it yet again, I discovered that there must be other people, too, that will encounter that same itch.

Something about the way the right path banks off, it holds some unknown allure.

If you've checked the Music page in the last few days, you will have noticed that it's been changing.  I've decided to streamline the downloading process by making every album a single-file download instead of requiring each song to be downloaded individually.  You will have less control over what you'll be downloading, but I'm making the (likely fair) assumption that most people don't use DownThemAll! (note that if you actually want to install it and Mozilla says it isn't compatible with your version of Firefox, click "Add to Firefox" anyway. It works just fine on Firefox 13.0a2).  I'm also adding descriptions.  I've been against this, but I have little faith the current system of covers and download links is anything but too many new urls for too little (in the mind of the first-time visitor) payoff.  At the very least, I will attempt to keep it tasteful, and avoid the grandiose self-promotion that tends to accompany these things.

Which brings me to the new About page.  I've also tried to avoid adding a page that, now, by its very definition, requires me to sell myself, but with No. 0's ever-increasing readership (yay for me), it seems prudent to let those whom aren't a part of the handful that started this journey with me from the beginning to know just who I am. And for that brief moment, you will have to deal with your humble Narrator referring to himself in the third person once more.

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