Daisies in Meadow, Two

It's rather amazing how, in certain parts of the world, daisies are taken for granted without a second thought.  We pass them in trails, stamp on them on grass.  They seem to have become backdrops - the pretty, little pieces of scenery that are always just there, like a patch of luscious grass in the shallowest days of temperate summer, before the heat has set in and begun to dry.  We don't see them until they're not there.

I have stated my affinity for grass before, and I share a similar love for these flowers.  The only difference is in the effect they have on me: they are the clearest reminder of those warm, sunny, energetic days.  They remind me of what I'm missing in winter, and remind me to enjoy the always-too-narrow period of summer bliss.

How do they make you feel?

(The exact species of this specimen is, in my layman opinion, Leucanthemum vulgare.)

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