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In "Links: Lloyd and McDaniels and Carlin and Kroenke and Hewitt and Schadenfreude", I said:
Chemistry is a vital part of any successful team.  (One can just ask the New Jersey York Jets for confirmation of that.)  That's why it warmed my heart to read this story from STLtoday, about the relationship between a player, Brandon Lloyd, and coach, Josh McDaniels.  How often does a player find a coach that suits him perfectly, and vice versa?  I'll tell you: not very.  And, then, how often does that player admit that wherever that coach goes, he'll follow him?   Again, I'll tell you: not very.  It's remarkable to find an athlete that would rather take that chemistry over money, because he understands the value of a coach that knows how to use you.

Of course, I'm not surprised that this athlete would turn out to be Lloyd, a player that, when you hear him speak, exudes a surprising amount of thoughtfulness.

Now, speaking politically, this development has a fascinating consequence, if Lloyd is actually serious about following McDaniels.  Namely, whatever team hires McDaniels (or in the Rams' case, keeps him), will have the opportunity to get one of the best wide receivers in the NFL right now.  And, conversely, if that team doesn't want McDaniels, getting Lloyd will be trickier.  For example, we know the Rams want to re-sign Lloyd, but we also know McDaniels may not be on the team for much longer, so what do they do?  How much do they want Lloyd?

This is a problem worth considering and worth remembering.  Depending on how the 2012 NFL off-season progresses, we may soon be back here.

It has since been revealed that McDaniels is likely to join the New England Patriots.  I'll have more of an opinion on that when it's official, but I'm both excited and disappointed.  The Patriots will probably be an easier challenge than, say, the Kansas City Chiefs, and thus probably provide less room for growth, but can anyone blame him for preferring a less tumultuous location right now?  It's also worth mentioning that the Chiefs, when McDaniels talked with the Patriots, still hadn't asked the Rams for permission to meet with him.  Give credit to the Patriots here, they went out and got their man while the Chiefs twiddled their thumbs.

Regarding Lloyd, we may recall that the Patriots have attempted to acquire him before.   We don't know whether he'll want to sign with them, but this bodes well for both Lloyd and the Patriots, and I now believe they have the best chance of getting him - if they want him.

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