Links: Danny Walker is Going to School You; Thoughts on Robert Ayers


Drummer extraordinaire Danny Walker just set up a YouTube account for "webisodes and lessons".  There is nothing up yet, save an introduction video, but I'm posting this so that when this gets big you can snootily tell your friends that you subscribed to his channel before he started doing any drumming videos.

Or, alternatively, you can just get on this because you agree with me when I say I think he is one of the funnest drummers to watch live and certainly one of the best at using his combination of speed and technicality.  It's about time he starts sharing some of his secrets.  Check out the video below.


It's All Over, Fat Man! is the best Denver Broncos source, bar none. One of their recent articles covers (among other things) Robert Ayers and the nonsensical hate he gets.

When he was drafted, Mike Mayock (one of the better "draftniks") said Ayers would be the best defender of that draft in three years. Three years later, is he? With the stats Clay Matthews is putting up, this one isn't easy to answer, but anyone that actually pays attention to the game, knows that the only positions Ayers hasn't played are cornerback and safety. The guy's everywhere. He may not have the numbers, but he's as dominant a player and affects the play as much as the Packers LB, if not more.

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