Long Shrub in Meadow

Cynic's Carbon-Based Anatomy is out tomorrow.  Originally, the idea was to buy the record at whatever show I go to when they come to Europe, but then my girlfriend slapped me with a dose of logic: if I did that, I wouldn't know any of the songs when I saw them.  Dang.  Of course, I could just download it and listen to it until I get it from the show. I'm not opposed to doing that, as I have several times. The band's going to be getting my money, anyway, right? What's the harm in cheating by a few days?

But, eh, not going through the ritual of oogling the sleeve while my ears meld with my headphones feels wrong.  Sometimes waiting for it is worth it - this was the case with Intronaut's Prehistoricisms, for example.  After making the mistake of getting Void in digital form (sorry, but getting the CD and then ripping it to my HDD in something like FLAC beats saving a couple bucks on average-quality mp3s, and I won't make that mistake again...  I hope), my rigid determination to get a CD version of Prehistoricisms meant that, at a time when funds were scarce, I had to wait for a long while before getting it (as a present from the person literally dozing next to me right now, no less).  I tried to rationalise downloading it before inevitably buying it, but, again, not having it in my hands when I listened to it for the first time just didn't feel right.  So, I waited, which sucked, but getting to peel open the case gave me a wonderful feeling of satisfaction for not succumbing to the temptation of cheating.

So, should I cheat or wait a month?  Fungible principles be damned?  Yeah, I never said I was a patient person (actually, I have, but I'm trying to prove a point here so let me fib), so I'm going to do neither and just pre-order it.  Not knowing the songs note-by-note be damned!

In conclusion, that's a long shrub, and it's in the middle of a meadow.

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