Burgundy Shrub in Meadow

I recently went to the album launching of a band that, let's say, wouldn't normally see me at their album launching.  That doesn't make them bad or anything.  The music was simply on a level of cheesiness I'm not used to experiencing.  And by level, I mean it was Boss level cheesy.  It was difficult to go through most of their songs without cracking up.

Nevertheless, the music itself was excellent.  A combination of rock, jazz, and occasionally, funk.  The rhythm section was tight and groovy, and the lead guitar just blew me away.  The guitarist's proficiency was way beyond anything I'd expect out of the genre, mixing a blend of sheer technicality and melody.  It's only a shame that, as an extension of that very genre, the songwriting didn't live up to the talent on display.

Anyway, I really like this picture.  Those plants have a beautiful shade of burgundy, and the way they're swaying, it's perfectly evocative of what I want to see when looking out over a hill.

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