Links: Dealing with Advertising; a Pot Meets a Kettle

Lifehacker details the effects advertising has on us, and dispenses some advice for those of us looking to steer clear of it, whether through things like Adblock Plus or pure avoidance.  It's a valuable read.

It also unintentionally reminds me of a recent episode of Dan Carlin's Common Sense, in which Dan discussed the use of advertising by politicians.


Two doses of irony from LucasFilm's High Court loss against Andrew Ainsworth:

Thayne Forbes, a managing director at the brand-valuation company Intangible Business, told Bloomberg that Lucasfilm was trying to protect the "upmarket fantasy experience," and that the company probably didn't want the stormtrooper helmets and armor "to be found in cheap plastic toy territory."
/implying LucasFilm isn't already there.
James Burns, who co-owns the UK's leading Star Wars fan site Jedinews, says he sides with Lucas on the debate about art.
"If you employ someone to design and sculpt it [a helmet] for you, surely by definition that would have to be a work of art. The drawings done and things that come out of that are all art," he said.
If it's a work of art, to whom does it belong except for the artist, himself?

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