Links: Firefox 4; Cronon's Freedom; Hollywood Smash!

Ars Technica reviews Firefox 4.  You should have this awesome browser by now, and if you don't, get on it!

Staying with Firefox, Ghacks is doing a great job of keeping up with everything 4-related, as well as giving us the news that Mozilla is already starting on 5.

William Cronon, a remarkable historian, has found himself in the middle of the debate of academic freedom and the right of scholars to pursue knowledge without fearing for their careers.

David Talbot, author of Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years and founder of Salon, has a tough story to tell: that of his struggle to make a different Kennedy film in the midst of Hollywood's "weepy valentines to the suffering, stoic family" and "sleazy" offerings.  Unfortunately, there is nothing unique about Talbot, a comparatively powerless man, losing his fight against the "establishment".  That fact is just plain tragic.

Nevertheless, he does provide some advice for those about to witness the "Kennedy mudslide":
"Run, and don't look back. There is nothing you need in these movies and TV "events" to understand the true Kennedy story.
"This is all you need to know. The Kennedys died for a reason. They died because they told America that our enemies were human, like us, and loved their children too. They died because they vowed to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, and because they told the generals who wanted to launch a nuclear war over Cuba that they were mad. While Barack Obama outsources his presidency to Wall Street, the Pentagon and the CIA, John Kennedy tried to tell his fellow citizens that we must no longer dominate the world.
"This is what you need to know. The Kennedys died for America's sins."

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