Pine Needles, One & Two

This story is actually related to today's pictures:

Ever since I decided to start naming my plant pictures by species (or at least try to), I've developed a new hobby.  It's not quite as fun as playing Half-Life or watching Green Wing, and the only people that may find a similar enjoyment in it are über-nerds (hey, for once, having a German keyboard comes in handy) and botany students.  Nevertheless, I still get a kick out of it.

This hobby is to try to name every plant I see.  Like I said, it ain't Half-Life, but the other day, I passed a tree, gave one look at it, and instantly knew what species it was.  Of course, I couldn't name any of the other trees that surrounded it, but I still found immense enjoyment in being able to name this one.  If I work at it enough, I could probably narrow it down to identifying families, and then, at some point, genus and then species.

That tree, by the way, was the same species as the one you see above.

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