Woodland Floor, Two

We returned to the Wall one day, and, after riding around for a bit, settled on the bench next to this clump of (stingy) weeds.  I was standing idly over it, when I spotted something.  Do you see it?

How about now?  (Actually, there's a fair chance what I'm referring to isn't in this picture.)  Edit: turns out it actually is in there.  Silly me.

An observation people that know me make is that when it comes to my vision, I am two things:

1.  Utterly incapable of spotting something that's right in front of me.
2.  Brilliant at seeing little, obscure things everyone else misses.

This day, I managed to see what everyone else missed.  How about a closer look?

You should be seeing something, now, albeit a blurry something in the background.  You'll get a better look in the coming days.

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