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Cats, learn this lesson.  Sorry, I couldn't resist.  That's just hilarious.  A cat gets its comeuppance.  Anyhoo...

Glenn Greenwald sees similarities between going to Libya and going to Iraq.

The US military is creating fake social media accounts to "counter violent extremist and enemy propaganda outside the US."  According to the Huffington Post, these fake accounts will be "equipped to seem like real people while entering online discussion through blogs, message boards, chats, and more. With a false persona, a user could discredit opponents, or create the semblance of consensus."

Personally, I think this type of behaviour is just as contemptible as when the US hired people to protest in Venezuela to give the illusion of political unrest.  It's basically trollish behaviour, and brings down the integrity of the internet.  I realise we're not entirely truthful on this medium, but I want to go on a website knowing that the opinions expressed are real.  Not just put there to fool us into thinking a dissenting view exists.

This is, in fact, incredibly similar to what we see on Torrent Freak.  In every single article you find a "user" trying to "discredit opponents".  The content of the article is irrelevant, as the user simply posts the same argument over and over, trying to create the illusion that the commenters of the site don't approve of it.  It's utterly shameless.

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