A Belated Happy Birthday to the Number Zero, One

I was gearing up for this post through all of February, but as the end of the month neared, it began to slip under my towering deadlines.  Nevertheless, it's not yet too late to dig myself into a warm duvet of self-satisfaction.

So, yeah, No. 0 started on the final day of February, 2007, with an introductory post knee-deep in egotism and stuffed with the blogger's recommended dosage of self-importance.  Things looked very different back then, with a black background over grey, white text, and dash of red and purple.  Okay, that sounds like something out of an old Avenged Sevenfold record, but I assure you it wasn't so bad, although I do believe the look of the blog has improved a lot since then (thanks in part to Blogger's awesome improvements over the past 4 years).  I also believe the content has improved over the years (in quantity, at least, quality I'm not quite so sure, hehe).

Anyway, without further ado:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY blog! Here's to many more years of self-indulgent wankery!

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