Winged Seed Stuck in Shrub

Although the blurred branches obstruct the view, I like the f-stop used here, because it places a greater emphasis on the seed, which is where I'd want it.

A Thought on Fahrenheit 9/11:

I recently re-watched Fahrenheit 9/11, and something only slightly intended jumped out at me.  Around the middle of the film, Michael Moore sarcastically referred to the unbiased US media and then showed clips proving his point.  One comment from a reporter reminded me of an article by Glenn Greenwald in Salon, titled John Burns' "ministering angels" and "liberators", which discusses the poor reporting during the beginning of the US invasion of Iraq, mainly due to their fear and perception that the army was keeping them safe - and thus a sense of gratitude and inability to think critically.  Greenwald's ultimate point was that during that period (and now), the media's biased portrayal of the war and willingness to feed government propaganda was and is a violation of the media's duty to the people.

Anyway, the comment was something like, "Am I biased?  You damn well bet I am!"  It was funny that the line was presented with a thick lather of patriotism and the idea that it was okay.  When you consider Greenwald's article, you realise it isn't okay.  I understand the desire to "root" for your country, but at the end of the day, you're paid to report the facts in an unbiased, unslanted, fair manner.

Saying, "Am I biased?  You damn well bet I am!" should get you fired, shouldn't it?

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