A Brief Discussion of Machine

This was the brief accompaniment to my third and final submission. I managed to make it through 2 rounds, and for the big one, I decided to do away with sensibility and just go all out. The final result was a story about an android trying to escape prosecution for murder.
This is my most ambitious story of the three, and I'm keeping my balls firmly in place (in Lé Mouth), so it encroaches on 3000 words (if you read the optional prelude), I hope you guys don't mind!  But, yeah, balls...  and this one feels more complete; halfway through, I realised it was probably going to hit 3000 words, and I decided to go with it because I'd developed several ideas that I felt needed this context, so I took that chance.  Even if the length ends up biting me in the ass, I'm glad that I went through with the full idea instead of copping out because it's a competition.

Just quickly...  thanks to 113 (although she only contributed one idea early on); Bicro for keeping the competition open for a little longer that first time (and letting me use that word); American History X and This Is England, just two films that got me thinking at the right time; Wikipedia, seriously, this site is an info-nerd's dream and it really helped with the research; Australia; and my brother, not so much for forcing me to help him with all his bloody homework (hence this story being so late), but being my proofreader because, right now, I'm whacked out of my mind.

Okay, all I'm going to say is it's about a robot.  It's written, more than the others, in my more traditional style; sometimes subtle, sometimes overt, sometimes serious, sometimes goofy, and with a ton of references (I'm sure some of you will notice the connections with the other stories, kinda making this the closer of an Existence trilogy).  And that's what life is like, after all.
The reason I'm not going into the moral of the story is because I'd rather you discover it for yourself, and, like life, the closer you look, the more you'll discover.

If there's anything you want to know, shoot me a question, I'll answer as honestly as possible.  And please understand, I am not trying to offend anyone.  I picked my words carefully.

And, as stated above, the PRELUDE is optional, it's only there to give you a greater hole to peek through. It's called...  Machine.
And it's coming later today.  (Also, through which to peek.)

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