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Let me see if I can get this straight.    Ellis admitted that the organization burdened Josh McDaniels with too much responsibility;  he admitted that the organization had not intended to give McDaniels so much power, but that it somehow had "evolved" to that point;  he admitted that McDaniels would end up being an excellent and successful head coach in the league; he admitted that McDaniels was in the top of the league in game-planning; he admitted that the organization needed to do more to help McDaniels with all the responsibilities that came with being a head coach.
So the best course of action was to send the guy packing. 
In Arrested Development, Gob Bluth always makes rash, poorly thought-out decisions, and afterward, he'll pause, consider his error, and exclaim, "I've made a huge mistake!" Of course, the next time, he'll make another poorly thought-out decision, and again exclaim that he's made a huge mistake.

There is going to be this point in our future where we will stop, consider this period, and exclaim, "We've made a huge mistake!" This poorly thought-out decision where the Broncos admit that they don't even have a plan for the future will haunt us. The only thing the Broncos can do now is hope that when the dog comes back to bite you in the gluteal muscles, it won't be too angry about that newspaper you used on it and in two years we don't end up sitting here again, like Gob Bluth, exclaiming without irony that we've made another huge mistake.

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