Sky, One

I mention on the Flickr page that this is one part of the front cover of THE WINDOW, but on second thought, I wonder if it actually is or I'm thinking of a different picture. I know, odd that I wouldn't remember, but I'm totally spacing it. Maybe I just used a portion of this image and not the entire piece - but that sounds improbable. I have such a bad memory, it's not even funny, but whatever, minger.

Moving on, on the one-year anniversary of THE WINDOW, I'm going to release the cover "rejects", to show my thought-process while coming up with it, and perhaps discuss the one I was close to picking (it had the exact, muddy, indistinct and unclear, off-colour, 70's feel I was looking for), but switched it at the last moment because the current one had the green and thus at least had some connection with the back cover (the theme of a window is present in every picture, but I wondered if it was still too incongruous for everyone).

I'm really not sure if this is the picture I have in mind.

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