Ghostly Crows, Two, Three, & Four

Although they're essentially the same shots as the one I posted yesterday, I felt like they deserved their own post. Although it wasn't my intention at the same, the similar colours and the way the camera zooms with every shot (pictures were taken in this order, btw) makes them look like stills out of a film.

What I especially like is the focus and shapes. Using the bigger aperture was a great move (not that there was a choice); even though it's not perfectly focused, the way it goes from blurred shapes to sharp ones is terrific (particularly in the first one). They look like they're storming towards that central point - the focal point. I love it. And the diamond-shaped swarms. Diamond-shaped ghosts swarming towards my focus.

Also, that colour, the framing, and the way the darkness rounds the edges. Gorgeous. It just reinforces that sense of a swarm.

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