Review: deUSYNLIGE

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Also known as: Troubled Water
Year: 2008
Director: Erik Poppe
Writer: Harald Rosenløw Eeg
Cast: Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen; Ellen Dorrit Petersen; Anneke von der Lippe; Tone Danielsen; Trine Dyrholm; Trond Espen Seim; Terje Strømdahl; Frank Kjosås; Stig Henrik Hoff

There are so many things I could say here, but frankly, I believe that anything I say will be detrimental to your experience. I truly believe that. I went into this film only knowing its title, coming off a recommendation from, let's say, a friend. I hate that fact, because I genuinely hate the feeling of not knowing where something is headed. I can't handle staring into the darkness, because I get so tense waiting to see a flicker of light that I might as well drop dead before I ever see it.

But if I Wiki'd this before watching it, glancing at the plot, my experience would have been ruined. It would have done a disservice to all the effort the makers put into creating more than a story, but a living... well... well, I've already said too much.

So just take my advice: Don't Wiki this film. Don't try to find out beforehand what it's about. Don't read a review. Don't Google it. Don't watch the trailer. Don't go into it expecting anything. Just walk right into that darkness.
Look for it at your local rental store, look for it on TV, look for it online on Amazon or a place like Filestube, just go look for it. And when you find it, make sure you won't be disturbed for two hours and then let the river carry you wherever it may.

Trust me, you won't regret it.

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