Pulling Off the White Sticker of Censorship

For the sake of posterity, I've decided to post this here. It's a reply in a thread about Cliff Burton, in which I concur with several people that feel it was a meaninglessly created thread when the discussion would have sufficed in a chit-chat thread. Although I don't flame anyone and break any forum rules, my (as always) omnipresent humour (that somehow flew past those that deleted it, which does admittedly happen on occasion and ends up with the reader being too befuddled to understand the meaning of what I'm writing), it was still, through selective and subjective censorship, removed from the forum. Twice. No discussion was made. Just simple, efficient, revisionistic eradication from record in the hope that the future will neither remember it nor ever see it again.

Yes, I follow through with my probable reputation as a rambler, but I'd like to think my creativity negates that, and makes up for the time spent reading it with a laugh or two and greater ultimate understanding. Of course, life isn't an objective meander, so many disagree with my assertion that I'm anything but a hack. And I don't mind.

Regardless, I'll leave you to decide whether the following deserves censorship and, as aforementioned, it's here for posterity and the fact that when something deserves to be read, I'm going to post it. You do not in any way have to agree with this, but just form your opinion on your own.

It starts with a quote from another member, MFM:

"was it really neceserry to make a thread about this? Probably could of just posted it in chit-chat. AND SINCE YOU CAN DO THIS FUCKING 40 SECOND SCREAM. DO IT. CUNT!"

And goes like this:

Fucking 10 Awesomeness Points for you!!

So many people close to me have died, and how many times did I make a thread about it? And don't throw any "well, erm, he was such an, eh, über-good bassist he deserved his own thread" this way because I'll just throw some poo back at you. And say that Jaco Pastorius, Roger Patterson (who had the exact same influence on Atheist that Burton had on Metallica. He was their song-writer and the music started with him. And not only did the band love him, but so did the death metal community, as you can see in all the tributes by Death, Suffocation, Napalm Death, et al), Charles Mingus, Phil Lynott, Scott LaFaro, James Jamerson, Noel Redding, Willie Dixon, John Entwistle, Gary Thain, Allen Woody and Berry Oakley, Rick Danko, Sid Vicious (I guess), Glen Cornick, Dave Alexander, and Boz Burrell all deserve to have their own thread put up.
And you know what? They're all just bassists. I haven't even started with the list of (electric/classical) guitarists, drummers, pianists, cellists, oboe players (yes, they exist), saxophonists (JOHN COLTRANE!), trumpeters, composers, singers, gamelan players, flutists, trombonists, goddang glockenspielists, and countless other musicians that so thoroughly influenced their niche that they too deserve to have space wasted on SK in their name.

Seriously. I think I should go and create a Roy Schneider thread because he was really awesome in some movie about a shark or something, just because I'm that much of an ass. Of course I am that much of an ass, but I'm just too lazy (and I have stuff to do). Maybe someone else should. I promise to reply in that thread if you do.

Just make a sig if you really want to honour the guy. That's what I do. See that red number below? I made it for J.D. Salinger. And I don't know if you ever notice, but I also do it for Carl Sagan and a few others, so it's not an unnatural thing. In fact, it's even better than making a thread, because people won't need to come here to read it, they'll be aware of it every time you post. Think about it.

And finally, if you said you can scream for 40 seconds and promise to prove it, then prove it. Sure, the internet allows us to ignore accountability, but kudos to MFM and others for trying to hold you accountable for the egotistical stuff you like to say about yourself, and I'm joining them. Stop massaging your ego and bloody well post a YouTube video already. It's not difficult. In fact, I'm pretty sure they just made it easier for people with IQ's below 60. I'm not calling you stupid (although you may very well be, but that's not what I'm saying), I'm just stating the ease with which you can upload a video.

EDIT, I just remembered I'm not supposed to post pornographic pictures, so here's another one:

P.S. I disagree with the constant fellatio Burton gets. I could name a handful of (DEAD) bassists from the above list that were better than him. But that's just opinion, so feel free to ignore this.


  1. This is what happens when you leave a job to unqualified people. Next time maybe they'll delete your post because their pets die, or they're having a PMS, or menopause.

    "My breasts are sore, so don't fuck with me, or I'll delete your post!"

  2. I loved this post ! And agree with PinkEye too. These people who run the boards really don't seem to know what they are doing. At all.

  3. :D I'm MotherFuckingMaggot. :D

  4. @ PinkEye:

    LMAO, that's hilarious! It makes me wonder just how vulnerable I am to the whims of a woman's body clock.

    @ Anon:

    I used to participate in a forum that actually had a revolt of sorts. All the moderators were demoted and the members were effectively given free reign - however, rather than it descending into chaos, an internal code of conduct emerged. Of course, trolls were found and dealt with, but every member realised that they were going to be held accountable for what they did, and so being disrespectful really wasn't something appealing.
    Obviously, I'm not saying this system will work elsewhere, but it's proof that there's an alternative to more oppressive policies.

  5. @ オテモヤン

    All I see is "SEX", so, um... yeah... I'm taken. :(