Music: The Ocean and a Few Birds, Part Two

Eu não disse que eu não posso falar Portugues? Não, espera, eu posse falar Portugues, só, eu não posso escrever muito bem. Agora... Inglês!

Dang, I can't believe I needed a dictionary to write that; but then, I did say I couldn't write in Portuguese (twice, and in two different languages).

Anyway, Mikkey Dee is the former drummer of King Diamond, and the middle section of Leyenda constrasts greatly from the first and third parts. As such, having singing birds accompany this section (as opposed to waves) seemed fitting.
Personally, I think it's the most beautiful one of the three, the easiest to dig into and enjoy with closed eyes. Of course, there's that uneasiness (explained tomorrow... well, today, really, but since that little word up there reads "Saturday", my today will come tomorrow. Or my tomorrow will come today. Hmm... whatever. Either way, Cynic is still the greatest band. Ever. And Mr Murdoch needs to stop yearning for my soul), but the birds add to Rowland's emotional playing; you can imagine yourself sitting under the shade of a tree and strumming the guitar to the vocals of cuckoos, robins, and the rest of the choir.

Now, my über-awesome verbosity expressed in an overwhelmingly loud and fast manner...

Truthfully, I'm finding it as difficult to weave this part into my Stupid Mountain-hating diatribe as imagining Slayer performing a love ballad.
So, I'll just say it uneloquently but honestly.

The singing of the birds is beautiful. The playing of the guitar is beautiful. You envisage yourself playing that soulful melody in the cool shade, while the birds tweet cheerfully at the approach of a predator. Beautiful, yes. Even the "other sounds" are beautiful.

But this isn't my favourite song. Pt 1. isn't as pretty. For someone wanting to live in Antigua, using a sound clip of the North Sea wasn't the best way to show that (although it could say something of the "better than nothing" mentality. The North Sea isn't that bad, wind farms are cool; and I suppose, to some people, there's a certain poetry in colossal machines drilling into the Earth's face and sucking out it's wonderful pus, which will be used to power smaller machines). And Pt. 1 could've been done better, I admit, I fucked up the volume levels.
But the sound of the guitar and the waves is all I need. That was my original vision and desire. To strum the guitar, not with screeching cocks, but lapping waves. Against the hull of my boat, which is forever docked in the western coast of Andros Island.

Take your beauty.


Leyenda (Asturias) was composed by Isaac Albéniz. You can listen to the piece I used here, performed by Gordon Rowland.

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