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It's the law on the Slipknot Forums that unless you're part of a certain group that gets my random stupidity (read geniusness), you must ignore everything I say. I can't blame you, really. If I'd just make my posts more readable, more people would read them, but that takes the fun out of writing them. Doesn't it?

Few people took note of the long ramble ahead (who wants to waste their time reading long posts?), but I think the post's message deserved a spot outside of the rabble. And it saves me from having to write another lengthy ramble, when a cut and paste will suffice. Doesn't it?

Some people should just keep their mouth shut and move on.

And on that note:

I wish people wouldn't be so damn generic. Just in all forms... sure Joey's mask kicks ass, but I hate seeing some kid being a pompous ass because he could afford to buy a replica of Joey's mask. In my eyes, the cooler person will always be the one who spent a couple hours of his life and shitloads of his own creativity making a mask inspired by, say, Joey's. Honestly, I can't imagine Joey (or any other member; Joey's just an example) feeling any other way, because, if anything, isn't that Slipknot's message with regards to image?
"Don't cut your hair in a certain way, just because Rock Star A has that hairstyle; don't wear certain clothes, just because Rock Star B has made it fashionable. Be yourself."

If the mask does something for you, then wear it. Hell, I've got a whole bunch of masks hanging about, been making 'em since I was about 11, and each one helps convey and bring out a certain feeling. And this isn't a rant of creativity over commercialism; 113 collects gas masks, but the difference between her and someone trying to be Sid is that she digs gas masks (and she looks pretty sweet in them), she isn't trying to feign some sort intimate connection with Sid by copying his look or name.

She's being herself.

And this brings me to names. Now, unless you act like an asshole, I'll be your best friend here, and I've already got some good buddies that will be in the firing line, but this isn't personal. Aaaiiight?!

Why name yourself after a song (or album, or band member, or band)? Had it not been called that, would you have named yourself "Pychosocial" (or any other song)? Do you even know what the word means?
OK, fine, maybe you think it's the greatest song ever, and maybe this song (etc.) really touched you in such a way that you felt compelled to give it tribute in no smaller a stage than your name.
But, really, is that the best you can do? Of all the combinations of letters in the English language, the first thing you'd like to tell me about yourself (in your name) is that you like Slipknot. As if I hadn't guessed it already.
At least do something with the word, turn it into a pun or something, give it a witty twist, anything (alternating between CAPS and small letters doesn't count), as long it means something to you, and therefore us.

Same thing goes for signatures. Maybe it's just me, but I always thought signatures were meant to be an easy way for people to quickly gauge your personality or purpose. Beyond the administrators and moderators, there's not much reason to have a Slipknot-related sig... unless it features something which really speaks to you; for example, "Why am I so fascinated by bigger pictures, better things" is a lyric that's always hit me right in the gut (who remembers that bit of self-repetition?), it's logical for me to use it, and maybe you really do love Slipknot, and Corey's gorgeous eyes that much, fine...

But look at my sig: It's an understated picture of the Milky Way taken from the desolate Death Valley with "Welcome home", a link to a video of mine, and the quote.
What does it say about me?
I'm not an overly flamboyant person, interested in astronomy, a contemplative recluse (gazing up at the stars, calling the empty Death Valley "home"), atheist, and have a bit of an ego (just slightly).

What does having a picture of Corey (and his gorgeous eyes) that you found after Googling his name, and made to look snazzy with Joey Jordison's (not that one) awesome skills say about you?

I can just imagine Corey shouting "Be yourself!" into a crowd, and then have a bunch of people trying to be him in everything but soul shout back, "Yeah, be yourself!"


Click here if you'd prefer it in its original form.

Au revoir.

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