End Command (Don't Click This)

I told you not to click it. This is a worthless post.

The last post ends with a 'Lord Of The Rings' cliffhanger... and then you wait... and wait..... and wait.

I apologize that I didn't continue, and I apologize that I will never continue. When things started out, I thought I was the only one who felt this way about religion, but I'm not. And my feelings towards religious people were different.
I have since matured, and come to realize that while I still believe religion is a waste of money and time (which could be used for textbooks or science), there is no difference between a Christian and a person before gravity was "invented." And there is nothing wrong with being a member of a particular religion purely for good...

However, well... two howevers:
1) If religion is used solely for the pursuit of morality (not enlightenment), it is worthless. Morality does not come from a burnable paper, but you.
2) Religious zealots. I do not like religious zealots, they are the reason I shied away from religion in the first place, and they ruin it for the rest.

On the matter of "a vote of no confidence" I will keep my 26 letters to myself... until I reach the room at the end of the hallway with the poster of Auguste Ronin's 'The Thinker' on the door.

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